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How to view a private Instagram profile without being a follower?

Do you want to view a private profile on Instagram but not getting a way to view it? Well, then this article is for you. For different reasons and privacy issues people nowadays are keeping their profile private so that other people can’t see their profile, images and videos. But How can you view private Instagram profile without following someone?

Actually, it is difficult to find out a way to view an Instagram profile without following the account. But again, there are some hacks which you can follow to view the private Instagram profile. In this article, I am going to discuss both ways of viewing a private profile on Instagram being a follower or not being one. 

If you want to view a profile, you should at first approach or get permission to view the profile. It is a legitimate way to see others account. When you send a request to view profile, he/she may accept it and you will on his/her follower list. But why would someone add you on his/her private profile when they barely know you?

Well, you will need to follow some tips of mine so that the private Instagram user will accept you follow request easily.

1)    The first thing you should do to approach someone is to ask them politely. If you want to follow someone and don’t know anything about him/her, you can ask him about interest, things about him/her attracted you. The person you want to follow may be known to you in some manner. May be they are a friend of your friends or relative. Whatever it is you can mention it on the message which you will be sending with follow request.

2)    After sending a follow request, you should not do a hurry. You will need to be patient and wait for a few days to get approval. Once you get approval from them, you can view their photos, videos, stories, and so on.

3)    If you have met the person before or have contacted for any purpose any time, you should mention it on the Instagram message. May be this method will help you to get access to the Instagram account you want to follow.

This is a way to become a follower of the person Instagram. But if you are not getting their attention or want to view their account without being a follower, you will need to use the Private Instagram account viewer tool. You just have to complete a few steps to see what’s in the private account. You can check to know how to view the private Instagram profile.